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My name is Amy.
I get excited about every little thing.  I take pictures of my food and other people's food.  I live in Seattle and am happily married to a bearded grad student.  
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

late riser

Gluten-free toast with honey, cinnamon, almond butter and sliced banana greeted me this morning.  A late morning, thanks to this tasty chest cold I picked up over the weekend.  Please don't mind me if I smell like vapor rub and cherry cough drops, and forgive me if I erupt in to a spitty sputter the next time we have a conversation.  I promise I'll cough in to my sleeve.


  1. That sounds DELICIOUS Amy! I just might have to make some GF bread this next week and some Sunbutter so I can have it for breakfast. :-) I hope you are feeling better hun!

    1. Your version sounds delightful, Dollface! Do you have a bread machine or do you make it by hand? Also, have you tried coconut butter? I'll bet it would spread nicely with your sunbutter. Thanks for the well wishes! xoxo